Saturday, February 7, 2009

CGS Booth In Full Swing

Our booth is looking great this year.


Rich said...

Wow that is nice. Good Job guys.

Kat said...

I LOVE how the booth looks this year!! Great job!!


Aliza's Blog said...

Nice! Who did the design?

John Bivens said...


Sorry to get a hold of you this way, but The Comics Forum isn't allowing me to complete my registration or contact you through the forum. My user name is john_bivens, thanks ahead of time for any help... and the booth looks good.


DBM said...

That's hot! Looks great. I don't remember if you'll be in Chicago, but if so I'll be stopping by.

Bluemeanie said...

Looked very cool, in this and in Iz's pictures

Here's hoping the world doesnt keep spiralling back towards the barter system and next year I can afford to check it out in person.