Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack the Vote!

I hit the polls first thing this morning. I got there right at 7:00 am
and there was already quite a line. I was number 81.

I've never been quite so excited to vote before. The US is at a very
important place. The future can continue to look bleak, or we can
stride confidently into the next decade with a sense of hope. This
country can ill afford another four years of terrible leadership.

Maybe I can be proud to be an American for once in my life.


Kat said...

Here here!! I'm proud to have voted today. Luckly we didn't have much of a line but it was raining... but I got my "I voted" sticker on w/ my Puppet Rios pin and I'm happier than I've been in a few weeks. Today is a good day.

Bryan Deemer said...

Awesome Kat! Now if we can just get prop 8 to fail we'll be in good shape.

Kat said...

Haha. you're telling me. I've got a bunch of people in my neighborhood w/ the Yes on 8 signs up and I would just love to see their faces WHEN it fails. :)


Rich said...

There is just as much to be proud of in this country as there is to be ashamed of. I hope Obama lives to the hype and the hope.

jturning said...

Too bad. Barack's history of stopping live birth abortion reform in Illinois is well documented. That's where they induce birth prematurely and then place the baby on a shelf to die, or if lucky the nurse will rock it until it dies. They didn't get the reform passed until Obama left for the U.S. Senate. Of course he's promised to pass legislation to repeal all abortion reforms implemented by the states. You judge a man by his fruit, and you've all been deceived by this one. FYI, Obama is a liar as no Christian would run on his platform of pro choice and gay rights. God help us.