Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Night in the ER

So I awoke last night at about 2:00am with the incredible urge to
pee(nothing new for me), however when I was trying to do my business
nothing was happening.

This went on for 45 minutes, and I knew what that meant: kidney stone!

Sure enough, at about 3:00am the pain hit. I jumped out of bed,
hastily got dressed and race to the ER before the pain was too intense
to see straight. Normally I would have had someone drive me, but Tasha
was in Pittsburgh and my parents were camping.

After I got to the hospital I was quickly attended to and the pain
medication was administered. The pain in waves over the next 10 hours
until finally I passed the stone.

It was 3mm, which doesn't sound big, but it was the largest of the now
4 stones I have passed.

Let's hope it's another 8 years before I have to deal with another one
of these things.

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Paul said...

Brother, I feel for you!

3mm sounds HUGE through there! It may as well be a boulder!

I had one 12 years ago, half that size, and it was like peeing razor blades!

Glad everything happened quickly for you, and that you're doing well now!

eamonn said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better now.

Amber Love said...

Man, that's terrible. Hope you're well now!