Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Awesome Game Store

So a friend of mine clued me in on an amazing game store in New
Holland, PA, Six Feet Under Games.

First of all, the place is huge. Enormous. They have so many games I
have never seen.

What's really awesome about this place though is their game library.
They have a room in the back with a couple hundred games that you can
just grab off the shelf, take to a table and play. For free. So you
can sample games before you buy.

I went last night with some friends for open gaming night. We played
Railroad Tycoon. It was a gray game and it's now on my to-buy list.


Kat said...

you make me want to cry. We used to have a store like that here... but they have really been sucking for the last few years. I miss that type of store.
Hey, see if they have a game called RoboGear. If they do, let me know. Josh did the cover art for it.

Geek Bry said...

Cool. I have to check that out. RoboGear sounds like a title Josh's art would be perfect for.